Eventus WholeHealth and Ambience Healthcare Launch a New AI-Powered Platform for Value-Based Primary Care

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Eventus WholeHealth and Ambience Healthcare announced a partnership today, launching a new platform of generative AI tools to support clinicians and reimagine the workflow of value-based primary care (VBC).

Eventus is one of the first healthcare organizations to leverage Ambience’s comprehensive AI platform for VBC. By leveraging this game-changing solution, Eventus clinicians report saving three hours per day on administrative tasks such as documentation and coding. With Ambience’s new technology, clinicians will be able to focus more on providing in-depth patient care and less time on admin work, which will enhance the patient and clinician experience.

Ambience’s new suite of AI-powered tools were designed to support Eventus clinicians before, during, and after appointments. They include:

  • AutoScribe: A real-time medical scribe that generates comprehensive notes across 20 different clinical specialties, and integrates directly into EHRs
  • AutoCode: A coding assistant that analyzes conversations to identify correct ICD-10 and CPT codes with accurate specificity
  • AutoAVS: An after-visit summary tool that generates comprehensive educational handouts for patients and their families, tailored specifically to the visit, and translated into their language of preference

AI Custom Built for Value-Based Primary Care

Value-based primary care focuses on keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital. Correct documentation and coding are essential to accurately reflect the disease burden of VBC patients. By achieving the appropriate risk-score for their patient population, VBC organizations are able to invest in the right preventative interventions and drive better long-term outcomes for patients.

For clinicians, the challenges of coding and billing emerge when dealing with changing regulations and more than 68,000 ICD-10 and 10,000 CPT codes. But with Ambience AutoCode, clinicians can easily review and adjust AI-generated codes, and VBC organizations can secure accurate reimbursement for patient services.

And with Ambience AutoScribe, clinicians no longer have to multitask during appointments, juggling documentation and patient care. Instead, they are now able to offer more comprehensive care, see additional patients, and close out their charts at the end of the day.

Eventus clinicians are reporting a 75% reduction of time spent on EHR documentation, and are no longer spending significant time after work or on weekends on administrative tasks.

“Every step of the way, Ambience’s products have surpassed our expectations. They have outperformed every other tool we’ve previously tested. Our clinicians are not just satisfied, they are delighted, feeling more supported and reporting enhanced patient interactions and a better work/life balance. Our clinicians join Eventus because of the impact they can have on patients who need their expertise and care. But operating under a VBC model comes with a lot of operational complexity. With Ambience’s solutions, we’re able to enhance Eventus’s reputation as one of the best organizations in the country for a clinician to practice. Clinicians get to do their best work and make a meaningful difference for their patients, without worrying about the administrative burden of learning a new model of care.” said Will Sampson, Ph.D. and Co-Founder of Eventus WholeHealth.

In addition to working with VBC organizations, Ambience Healthcare’s platform is live across 20 different clinical specialties and is currently empowering clinicians at national-scale provider organizations and leading health systems. To request a demo, please click here.

About Eventus WholeHealth:
Eventus WholeHealth was founded in 2014 to provide physician-led healthcare services for residents and patients of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. With our highly-trained team of primary care physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychotherapists, and support staff, our comprehensive, evidence-based model provides collaborative interdisciplinary care with the seamless and vital integration of a wide range of specialties. Our holistic approach ensures better outcomes for the most medically vulnerable patients and has enabled our growth into five states and more than 900 long-term care facilities in the Southeast and Midwest. For more information, please visit www.eventuswholehealth.com.

About Ambience Healthcare:
Ambience Healthcare’s mission is to supercharge healthcare providers with breakthrough generative AI technology. Ambience’s products are currently leveraged by leading provider organizations and health systems across North America to reduce documentation burden, alleviate provider burnout, and improve care quality. Founded in 2020 by Mike Ng and Nikhil Buduma, Ambience is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, OpenAI Startup Fund, Human Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Martin Ventures, AIX Ventures, AirTree Ventures, John Doerr, Jeff Dean, Richard Socher, Pieter Abbeel, Anne Wojcicki, Eren Bali, Jay Desai, Nish Bhat, Matt Mochary, and others. To learn more, visit ambiencehealthcare.com.

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