Dedicated Care Teams & Services

The facilities we serve benefit from a truly dedicated MD-NP/PA care team. Once a unit  is assigned to your facility they will be on-site the same days and times and are there until the work is finished.

Patient needs are not set to a clock and don’t break for holidays and neither do we.  Members of the Eventus clinical team are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The hallmark of the Eventus Clinical Model is in-person care delivered by Eventus providers wherever our patients call home. Non urgent in-person typically take place between 7AM and 7PM Monday through Friday with an option for urgent in-person visits when required.

Eventus providers and support team members are only a text message away anytime utilizing a tool called Telmediq™.  Urgent and non-urgent needs are addressed efficiently with a complete history of the exchange captured and stored.

Tele-Health is an enhancement to Eventus in-person services when immediate remote visual care is determined as the best option to treat the issue. Available 24/7 and staffed by Eventus care team providers.

Assisted & Independent Living Communities

Our innovative delivery system was designed to help the underserved get access to the attention they need, regardless of time or place. This enables geriatric patients to live healthier and help our ALF, ILF and CCRC partners thrive.

A gateway to high quality, responsive onsite care in your assisted and/or independent-living facility leads to improved outcomes for patients, fewer hospitalizations, and lower attrition rates. High occupancy and happy residents translate to thriving and healthier communities for residents and employees.

Skilled Nursing

With special expertise in geriatric medicine, our clinicians deliver comprehensive onsite care to patients in assisted and independent living facilities across our service areas. We see our patients within an average of 48 hours of discharge from the hospital and with frequent follow-up visits during the post-acute period and offer an immediate response to urgent care needs.

Our proactive, prevention-oriented care is specifically designed to keep patients composed and avoid crises, important factors in reduction of unnecessary 30-day readmissions.