Eventus Whole Health


Making You Better

Our primary mission is completely outcome-focused. How we approach our care is geared towards a systemized, health cost reduction model. We recognize the many challenges within the post-acute care sector.

From the need to “reduce 30-day readmissions” to “new payment reform models of ACOs” and “Bundled Payment for Care Initiatives from CMS” — we are committed to ensure your facility meet both its patient care goals and its financial goals.

Optimizing Patient
Care Within Your Facility

One integrated Offering

We implement a unique, methodical approach for on-boarding new patients. Through our integrated service offering between primary care, psychiatry, psychotherapy, podiatry, and optometry teams we have the ability to offer a comprehensive level of service to patients, all in one place.

Measureable Outcomes

The Eventus WholeHealth model of care, which includes the introduction of improved wellness and preventative care services, has shown to significantly reduce 30-day readmission risk in post-acute care populations we serve. Our use of best practices and comprehensive evidence-based protocols serve to stabilize patients when more aggressive treatments are needed ‘in-house’.


We implement a systematic approach to Gradual Dose Reduction and de-prescribing of long-term care patients has shown to help patients avoid adverse drug reactions (which currently is one of the leading causes of geriatric ER visits from SNFs). The same approach is applied to the process of Advance Care Planning to ensure directives for their care. This in turn helps reduce readmission risk and enhance patient satisfaction.

Dedicated Team

The facilities we serve benefit from a truly-dedicated MD-NP/PA team on any given day. Meaning, once a team is assigned your facility for a particular day of the week, they are there until the work is done. They are not tasked to go to any other facility for that day. In addition, our clinical team is available to your staff after hours and weekends/holidays through the use of a HIPAA-compliant, two-way text paging system.

Compliance and Best Practice

The Eventus WholeHealth Model Yields Many Benefits:

  • Engage in a tailored antibiotic stewardship program with your facility.
  • Work with your DON/ADON and the rest of your clinical team to address any educational needs.
  • Engage with state surveyors when needed.
  • Build relationships with your local referring hospitals to improve transitions of care for patients and to improve SNF census.
  • Participate in you QA/PI processes by both Primary Care and Mental Health Teams.
  • Evaluate your CASPER report flags and offer thoughts on improving those metrics.
  • Work with SNF leadership on maximizing CMS “star ratings”.
  • Work with your pharmacy consultants through our Mental Health team to help reduce antipsychotic, benzodiazepine, and sedative-hypnotic usage rates in your facility.