PicassoMD and Eventus WholeHealth Announce Partnership to set a new standard in healthcare innovation and patient-centered services for individuals in long-term care settings

PicassoMD, Inc., a platform that connects healthcare providers for real-time clinical decision support, referrals, and care coordination, and Eventus WholeHealth, the country’s leading provider of primary care and mental health services for medically vulnerable adults, are proud to announce a new partnership that will enable their strategic clinical care teams to connect with local and remote specialists in real-time.

PicassoMD and Eventus WholeHealth share a common goal of making access to healthcare available to those who are medically vulnerable. Co-founded by a cardiologist, PicassoMD has revolutionized the way Primary Care Providers (PCPs) deliver care. The platform enables PCPs to access real-time clinical consultations with specialists across more than 30 specialties in under 30 seconds, significantly improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. Additionally, if a referral is necessary, PicassoMD helps seamlessly transition the patient from the PCP to a local specialist, ensuring continuity of care and enhancing patient satisfaction.

This partnership has already shown impressive results for Eventus patients:

  • 70% of Emergency Department (ED) visits were avoided.
  • 77% of specialist referrals were avoided.
  • 70% of cases saw a change in clinical behavior based on real-time specialist input.
  • The average time to connect with a specialist was just 12 seconds.

“Through our strategic partnership, Eventus WholeHealth and PicassoMD are setting a new standard in healthcare innovation for individuals in long-term care,” said Dr. Reza Sanai, founder and Co-CEO of PicassoMD. “We are dedicated to enhancing patient outcomes and streamlining care coordination, demonstrating our commitment to transforming healthcare with compassion and excellence.”

“Eventus’ partnership with PicassoMD has been amazing! It allows our clinicians to securely message specialty providers for consultation about difficult cases. I’ve personally connected with various specialists and within minutes had a plan of care to implement the same day. This app enables real-time patient treatment instead of waiting months for an appointment,” said Cathy Parker, NP, VP of Value Based Care Outcomes at Eventus WholeHealth. “These curbside consults directly affect value-based care by providing real-time solutions, coordinating care, and decreasing ER transfers, leading to better quality and cost-effective care for our patients.”

About PicassoMD
PicassoMD is a value-based company focused on one mission: transitioning quantity care into quality care.

The PicassoMD platform connects primary care providers and specialists for real-time clinical decision support, referrals, and care coordination.

PicassoMD was founded by physicians and seasoned entrepreneurs and backed by high-caliber, health-focused investors, including Greycroft, Blue Venture Fund, and Metrodora Ventures. Everyday PicassoMD helps make care more accessible, affordable, and equitable.

To learn more, visit www.picasso.md.

About Eventus WholeHealth
Eventus WholeHealth is the country’s leading provider of in-person value-based primary care and behavioral health services for people residing in long term care.

The Eventus WholeHealth Way combines clinical providers, support team members, executive leaders and board members who have all chosen to apply their unique skills and experiences to a role with Eventus WholeHealth. All members of the team share a passion for improving health care for medically vulnerable adults and a commitment to excellence, integrity, person-centeredness, stewardship, and teamwork.

More than just a medical practice, Eventus WholeHealth WholeHealth is an organization committed to leading value-based care and healthcare innovations while continually developing the strengths of our providers and staff.

To learn more, visit www.eventuswholehealth.com.

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