Comprehensive care plan listing the patient’s health problems and goals, other providers, medications, community services the patient has and needs and other information about the patient’s health. It also explains the care a patient needs and how Eventus will coordinate the care.

Eventus in-house pharmacists collect patient-specific information to identify any medication- related issues or risks and creates a plan to resolve in collaboration with the Eventus clinical provider.

Proactive collaborative process between Eventus clinical providers to implement preventative measures to avoid the development of additional health complications, discomfort and injuries for long term care patients.

Specialized Eventus medical care for people living with serious illness and focuses on providing symptom relief, comfort and support. The specialized care can begin at the time of diagnosis.

Stepwise method guided by Eventus’ proprietary training and processes to reduce the dosage of specific medications while closely monitoring the patients progress and potentially incorporating alternative intervention strategies.

Eventus Psychiatrists and Pharmacists provide comprehensive education and oversight to all Eventus Mental Health Advanced Practice Providers to ensure the development of treatment plans to reduce the utilization of antipsychotic medications.

Multi-disciplinary approach combining Eventus psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and psychiatric nurse practitioners to properly diagnosis the underlying cause of the unwanted behaviors. Once properly identified behavior improvement is achieved through both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment and specific facility staff training.

Eventus providers are specifically trained in the process of working with patients and families to discuss and prepare for future decisions about the patient’s medical care to ensure current and future treatment is consistent with the wishes of the patient and/or the medical decision maker.