Eventus Whole Health

The Best Care
is Truly Integrated.

Our Offering Model

Eventus WholeHealth is an on-site, long-term care health services provider and a leader in forging the definition of what geriatric care should be. We are highly-trained physicians, psychotherapists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and support staff.

Our offering provides collaborative interdisciplinary care with the seamless and vital integration of key specialities, namely psychiatry, psychotherapy, internal medicine/primary care, podiatry, and optometry. Working with residents within long term care facilities, our progressive systems-based approach, perfectly aligned with the facilities’ goals and objectives, ensures a better patient outcome.

“Less drugs, less hospitalizations”

Our primary mission is completely outcome-focused, how we approach our care is geared towards a systemized, health cost reduction model ensuring optimized patient care and enhancing the overall operational synergy within the facilities we serve, helping them outperform their goals and enable best practice.

We see ourselves as a truly collaborative partner with our facilities within the post-acute function. Through our proven intra-disciplinary and multi-speciality approach towards patient care we work to heighten the stabilization of patient care – significantly reducing hospitalizations, urgent care visits and the dependency on poly-pharmacy by preventing illnesses, promoting wellness, providing timely acute care, and engaging in appropriate management of chronic illnesses, while ensuring that residents and caregivers are fully-informed and involved in the development of care plans.



Typical decreases of 50-75% in nursing home anti-psychotic rates after beginning our integrated, specially care services.




Common reductions of 50-100% in PRN psychotropics post-implementation of the Eventus WholeHealth Model.


Our overall desire is to see patients functional and well-engaged, experiencing their optimum quality of life, and fill their loved ones with confidence. We exist to ensure that the facilities we serve are optimized and our team members are motivated and inspired.