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I just wanted to take a quick moment and let you know how grateful we are for your services. We really don’t know what we would have done without our social worker Ben’s insights and support.

Over the past 3 years, Ben has collaborated, commiserated and brainstormed with us about my Mom’s care almost daily. His empathy and dedication never stops surprising me. When we have an incident due to my mom acting out, he is calm, professional and kind. He always offers a measured, practical approach which makes a huge difference in my mom’s quality of life, and our family’s too!

So, while I always make a point of thanking him when we talk, I also wanted to make sure that you know what an asset you have in him, and how well he represents Eventus.

Thanks to you again for all that you and the Eventus team does to provide the best possible care.

Kelley F.

Raleigh, NC

Mother has been on a journey that began 4 years ago when she fell and broke her pelvic ring, endured a difficult rehab that affected her cognition and behavior, then lost my father, her husband of 69 years.

She has never accepted that my dad is not with her. Her Eventus care team and my family have talked about this many times and decided to begin a new regiment of psych meds along with frequent therapy sessions. Both were extremely beneficial.

Thank you for rendering your best professional medical care to my father and mother during this four-year journey. Of course, we cannot know when my mother will pass, but I feel good about what has happened as I know that she got the best of care from each of you.

We will be forever grateful for your compassion and support and will let you know how our journey continues to its end. With sincere gratitude and respect.

Steve, Darlene, and Kenny

Apex, NC

I am so grateful that we switched my mother to an assisted living facility staffed by Eventus care teams. Her previous doctor did not visit her often and many times could not be reached.

He also did not track her medications when she would return from a hospital visit.

My mother had a myriad of physical and mental issues. For instance, when she was suffering with a bi-polar episode brought on by a change in her medications she was overdosed with sedatives. She ended up with lithium poisoning, a UTI and two bedsores which became septic. She almost died because of the treatment she was receiving from an incompetent doctor and also the facility’s staff at that time.

We moved to the new facility with the Eventus care team when the pandemic started. I am so happy and grateful for the kind care that has been provided.

My mom’s nurse practitioner, Courtney, visits often and sends me an email with my mother’s status after the visit. She verifies with the facility staff that my mother is receiving the correct medication prescribed.

It is so comforting to know that a competent and caring person is able to see my mother face to face each week especially since I am not able to visit her due to COVID-19 restrictions. One of my greatest stresses during this pandemic was not being able to make sure my mother was being cared for correctly. Courtney has put my mind at ease and I appreciate her more than she will ever know

Amy K.

Summerfield, NC